Get elegant in a comfy way with your favourite Robell trousers this season!

Robell has become one of the most preferred brands with the ladies whether they are shopping in stores or online. Robell Trousers come in an amazing range and have been appreciated by nearly everyone who has bought them.  These trousers are characterised by snug fit and unbeatable quality.

The stretchable fabric used in the trousers and allows for a lot of variation in design and styles. Every lady can find a colour, style and fit that suit them, irrespective of the shape and size of the body. Read on further to know some of the things that you can get by choosing different types of Robell trousers.

Bella: These trousers are comprised of a high-quality stretchable material letting you pull on the trousers comfortably. All you get is a neat false zip front flap with a hidden waistband and a double stretched seam on the backside of the leg for creating the right shape.
Marie: This style is also made with a unique stretchable material which again makes it comfortable to pull on and wear. It is quite similar to Bella in look and purpose.
Rose: These trousers are also made with comfortable stretchable fabric and provide a super slim-look to ladies wanting a tighter fit.
Apart from this, you can opt for the Jacqueline, Star, Sonja and other limited editions of the trousers.
Some things to know about Robell trousers:-

The pull-on style of the Robell trousers is also known as the power stretch style. No wonder, the trousers have the ability to flatter all types of body shapes and render a perfect complimentary look. The trousers have a straight cut leg for suiting all body shape.

Not only is the material convenient to wear but it can also be cared-for easily. Because of the amazing amount of luxury offered by the trousers to the wearer at affordable prices, these have become the number one choice of the ladies visiting boutiques.

The incredible stretchability of the fabric comes from the fact that it is made from the perfect blend of different raw materials, like cotton, viscose, polyamide and a little of elastane. The materials are also long lasting besides being comfortable and stretchable.

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